For Whom is BridgeBrains?


Data acquisitors

Data acquisition experts can now share and manage large data sets for projects. Clientele will have acces through the interactive portal. All data is safely stored in a cloud-based database.



BridgeBrains facilitates remote visual inspections with standardized input portals for expert insights based on accurate and objective AI assisted defect detection. Safer, faster and more accurate.  


Asset managers

BridgeBrains provides asset managers a less invasive and efficient delivery of inspections. The review platform allow for speedy insights and comparisons over time for enhanced management. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the added value of BridgeBrains?

BridgeBrains streamlines the bride inspection process. The AI assists in analyzing bridge defects. Besides, automated reporting enhances time management and quality of bridge inspections. 

Who would use this tool?

- Data acquisitors, looking to share large inspection datasets in an interactive platform with clients.
- Bridge inspectors looking to streamline the bridge inspection process. 
- Asset managers, looking for a way to organize their bridge's information.

When would this tool be helpful to you in the inspection process? 

Throughout the inspection process! 
First, it would allow for image processing and storage to lay the foundation for inspection of the bridge via photo data. 
- Secondly, in completing the inspection in a timely and contextual manner with 3Dviewing and image processing tooling. 
- Thirdly, the AI will enhance inspection quality and time.
- Lastly in the reporting phase with the automated reporting potential for delivery to the client. 
- In addition, the tool is also involved in the asset management review process, allowing asset managers the chance to review photos when desired or even gain insights through our digital analytics as the process is underway.  

What about regional or district standards?

Regional rules and regulations determine the inspection process. We understand that your requirements vary based on local standards. To ensure you get the best out of BridgeBrains, its processes are customizable and negotiable.

But, how much does it actually cost?

BridgeBrains reduces the cost of inspections for all involved. From resources used, effects on traffic and infrastructures and increased number of bridges inspected at the end of the day. In this sense, BridgeBrains is not only an added value tool, but a great tool for efficiency. As the produ

Is it safe?

A big yes. BridgeBrains utilizes image data form drones or other image capturing devices. This form of data collection is less invasive than traditional visual inspection procedures, takes less time and is less likely to disrupt traffic and cause distraction. 

Insofar as the data itself, we use cloud platforms to store data. The platforms are industry preferred and have been vetted and meet our high standards on cyber security. If this is still a concern of yours, let us know and we can take additional measures.

Where to from here?

The sky's the limit! At the moment, BridgeBrains is dedicated to refining our expertise in bridge inspections. However, as technologies and applications progress, so do we.

Contact us with any ideas or question and we can explore the potential for collaboration or investigation of new tech and integrations.