How does it work?

BridgeBrains uses AI to assess, analyze and report damage for review. 
Due to aging bridge infrastructures, the need for fast, efficient and effective bridge inspections is now. BridgeBrains offer the solution to enhancing quality, speed, and efficiency of bridge inspections using AI. 

AI Defect Detection

Our deep learning models enable AI-assisted defect detection and metrics for enhanced inspections.

Digital Inspection & Database

 The digital inspection tooling allows for chronicling and inspection of images for virtual and time-efficient inspections. All data is stored in a cloud-based database accomodating large datasets that are easy access anywhere.


Automated Reporting

Reporting tooling and automated report generation for standardized and streamlined input and output.


BridgeBrains workflow


1. Data acquisition

Collection & upload of imagery. Data is then uploaded through the BridgeBrians portal and assigned to a specific project.


2. AI Analysis

Analysis and defect detection through the Artificial Intelligence algorithm with deep learning capabilities. 


3. Expert Input

AI detection statistics are offered per bridge and elements and offer key insights into the health status fo the asset for expert review. 


4. Automated Reporting

AI and expert input merge to offer objective, accurate and detailed reporting without the hassle of manual development. 


5. Client Delivery

Streamlined & standardized reports can be distributed to clients directly, along with real-time review within the platform. 


6. Monitoring

Chronicled data and insights allow for easy and accessible comparisons over time and asset health management. 

Essential insights

BridgeBrains offers essential insights into asset health and detection statistics to assist in streamlining the inspection process. The interactive inspection portal allows for easy addition and refinement with expert input for final report generation. 

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