The AI Bridge

BridgeBrains generates analyses, detections and reporting for bridge inspections 
using Artificial Intelligence for enhanced decision-making by inspectors and asset managers.



•    Safer and less disruptive inspection
•    Deep-learning algorithms
•    Accurate and objective
•    Online database
•    Reduced time and resources
•    New opportunities



Deep-learning model

BridgeBrains uses AI to assess, analyze and report damage for review. 
Due to aging bridge infrastructures, the need for fast, efficient and effective bridge inspections is now. BridgeBrains offer the solution to enhancing quality, speed, and efficiency of bridge inspections using AI. 


Artificial Intelligence

BridgeBrains employs our deep-learning model to review (drone) images and detect bridge defects. The machine-learning capabilities allow for constant improvement and refinement.


Expert Input

Each detection is awarded confidence scores defined by engineer inputs generated through the interactive interface. Expert quality detection criteria are then applied through the objective analysis. 


Report and online-database

An automated report is generated for the inspector and asset manager review. Additionally, all data is stored and accessible in a central database for remote access and review of bridge health over time.


BridgeBrains is currently inspecting 100+ bridges
in the Dutch Province of Overijssel

The power of expert input and AI accuracy

Cutting edge AI algorithms have been trained using expert input to generate objective analyses of bridges from drone imagery. 

The result? BridgeBrains, an accurate inspection, reporting, and asset management tool.

Exclusive partners needed! Interested?

BridgeBrains is seeking exclusive partners ready to apply AI for bridge inspections. Interested to find out how we can empower better inspections together?

Dutch partners:


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